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Two Major Reasons You Should See an Audiologist for Hearing Aids

2022-09-02T21:44:45+00:0014 July 2021|hearing aids, hearing products|

You’ve decided to take control of your hearing health and hearing loss by getting hearing aids but you’re unsure where to start. First, congratulations on taking the first step! But now you’re scouring the internet trying to find affordable hearing aids, quickly and easily. These days, nearly everything is available at your convenience; whether it’s by a quick online order that’ll be at your doorstep the next day or an order through your phone you can pick up locally the same-day. But before you run to your nearest drugstore or supermarket to buy hearing aids, read why it’s best you see an audiologist for hearing aids.

Why Do You Need An Audiologist To Determine You Have Hearing Loss?

Like most medical conditions, hearing loss is not the same for everyone who experiences it. There are various types of hearing loss, varying degrees of hearing loss, and differences in lifestyle needs and wants for hearing impaired individuals. Only a licensed audiologist is equipped to accurately diagnose your individual type of hearing loss and prescribe the best hearing aid to fit your needs. Additionally, audiologists are also versed in ensuring your chosen hearing aids fit your ears perfectly. Ill-fitting hearing aids can cause discomfort and even ear infections.

Do I Need A Different Hearing Aid Depending On My Hearing Loss?

Because all types of hearing loss are not the same, all hearing aids are not the same. Hearing aids are complex little devices that can vary in shape, size, functionality, technology and even color. Audiologists ensure your hearing aids are correctly tuned to properly help your hearing. When buying hearing aids from a drugstore or other outlets, you run the risk of buying the wrong type of hearing aid for your hearing loss or even buying amplifiers which can make some types of hearing loss worse.

If you are seeking treatment for hearing loss or have questions about hearing aids, please contact our licensed audiologists today at New Generation Hearing Centers.