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New Generation provides specialized services for hearing impaired patients. From testing to fittings, we have the solution.

Select the most appropriate technology for your lifestyle with the help of our exclusive “Choice Fitting Program” that takes into account the main factors that go into selecting the right hearing aid for your needs: type and degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, economy and aesthetics.

New Generation Hearing Centers Services

Hearing Center

At our hearing centers, we provide complete hearing care services. Our certified technicians and audiologist (Dr. Durán) are always up-to-date on the newest technology and advanced hearing devices.

Customized Hearing Aid Evaluations

We offer comprehensive audiometric evaluations to select the best hearing aid for you.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Once we have worked together to choose the best hearing aid option, our work does not stop there. We make sure your hearing aid is fitted to your ear and your lifestyle to ensure you have the best hearing experience.

Personalized Follow-Up Care

At New Generation Hearing, we want to be with you every step of the way. When you leave our office with a new hearing aid rest assured that you can always come back for maintenance and questions.

Diagnostic Audiology

Our trained professionals provide a comprehensive evaluation and provide hearing loss treatment solutions for patients of all ages.

Same Day Service

With our “Instant Fit” program, patients requiring a fast turnaround time can complete their initial consultation and receive their products all on the SAME DAY! Giving our patients the ability to fly in fly out if applicable.

Balance & Vestibular Evaluations

Vestibular or balance assessments are recommended for those who suffer from dizziness, loss of balance and vertigo. Since the inner ear contributes to these symptoms, we offer proper evaluations to diagnose these conditions.

Remote Care 

At New Generation Hearing, we have the ability to care for our patient’s health from their own home and have the ability to provide telehealth (Zoom or any other video-sharing platform) as an option. Cutting down on our patients’ travel costs and health risks. 

Your Miami Hearing Doctor

Dr. Joseph K. Durán is a licensed Audiologist who specializes in personalized digital hearing aids. With over 25 years of experience of serving the hearing impaired in South Florida, Dr. Durán and his team have perfected providing the best service and choosing the best technology to give their clients a better quality of life.

  • American Academy of Audiology Scholar Award Recipient

  • Licensed Audiologist

  • 25+ Years of Experience

  • Hearing Aid Specialist

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If you think you are experiencing hearing loss or have questions about your hearing, take our free online hearing test. Find out if it is time to see an audiologist about your hearing and let New Generation Hearing help you today.

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