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Hearing Aids Or Personal Sound Amplifiers: Which Is Right For You?

2019-07-18T18:58:36+00:0020 May 2019|hearing products|

Navigating sounds and understanding hearing loss can be tricky, especially as you get older. But luckily, technology is constantly evolving to make it easier everyday. There are tons of hearing solutions and devices available to assist with hearing and clarifying sounds. However, because of the varying types of devices and their abilities, it’s important to first understand your personal needs when it comes to your ears.

If you have trouble hearing in everyday situations such as casual conversation, home sounds like the doorbell or microwave, or the TV in a normal setting, it’s likely that you have hearing loss. Hearing loss comes in various types and degrees and can be treated with different solutions. The most common treatment for hearing loss are hearing aids. Hearing aids are advanced medical devices fitted and tuned by an Audiologist to boost certain frequencies based on the patient’s individual needs.

On the other hand, for those who do not have hearing loss but need hearing assistive devices in specific instances only, Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAs) can be useful. For instance, if you watch TV or listen to audiobooks while your children or spouse are sleeping, a PSA can boost the sound for you without bothering others. They can also be helpful in public settings such as a an airport where you’d like to cut through the surrounding noise to hear the TV, or the theater or even for birdwatching. Personal Sound Amplifiers pick up noises with a microphone and boost the sound into your ear through an ear bud.

While both PSAs and hearing aids boost sounds, the way in which they do so is an important difference. Using PSAs to treat hearing loss is dangerous and can result in further damage to your ears. The best way to ensure you are choosing the correct devices for your hearing needs is to consult an Audiologist. If you are in the South Florida area, contact New Generation Hearing Centers today to schedule a free consultation!