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4 Best Mobile Apps for People with Hearing Loss

2022-09-06T17:43:02+00:0021 April 2021|hearing health, hearing loss, hearing products|

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The world has not only gone digital; it has also gone mobile, making everyday things more convenient and accessible. Our cell phones have become our pocket transporters into practically everything digital. They now hold some of the same capabilities as televisions, radios, gaming consoles and more, while still being able to serve their original purpose as communication devices. With additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and mobile applications, our phones can now do more than ever. Check out these mobile apps designed to help people with hearing loss.



1. ClearCaptions Mobile

The ClearCaptions Mobile app displays “near real-time” captions for conversations on your mobile phone. Not only is it helpful to see accurate captions during your conversation, but you also have the ability to save conversations to view later. This app is currently only available for iOS but has an Android version in the works.


2. Ava

The Coronavirus pandemic has boosted the use of online video meetings for both business, school and personal use. These can be difficult for those with hearing loss because of the web-based audio. The Ava web/laptop app is designed to caption digital video including online courses, live streams, and video calls on your computer. There is also a mobile version of the app that can caption in-person conversations. This is helpful in social settings, while shopping or dining out, and more.


3. Subtitle Viewer

Subtitle Viewer is another caption application for those with hearing loss. It is perfect for those who frequent the movies and avid TV watchers. While the app does not play movies on your phone, it downloads the captions to your phone and follows along while you watch.


4. TapSOS

Communicating via phone can be difficult for people with hearing loss. In the case of an emergency, the chaos could make it even harder. The TapSOS was created to make it easier for those with communication-related impairments to get help in an emergency. The app allows you to contact emergency services non-verbally. Once your account is created in the app, it’s easy to get emergency assistance by simply choosing which service you need and typing any additional details about the situation. The app uses your device’s location via GPS to send the proper authorities to you.


For even more useful apps, check out our previous blog. If you have questions about hearing loss or hearing loss products, feel free to reach out to the experts at New Generation Hearing Centers. Getting a hearing aid in Miami doesn’t need to be difficult, and the professionals at New Generation Hearing want to make it as easy for you as possible!