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4 Best Free Apps for the Hearing Impaired

2019-07-29T19:41:05+00:0027 August 2018|hearing products|

4 Best Free Apps for the Hearing ImpairedIt’s no secret that in today’s society many of us are attached to our cell phones. From checking out the latest news to checking in with family and friends on social media – technology and our mobile devices are a major part of our lives. For those of us that are hearing impaired and/or deaf, our mobile devices can serve an even greater purpose to us. Think of how much easier video calling apps like Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. have made it for you to communicate with friends and family via phone. Imagine how many other apps can make everyday tasks just a bit more simple, specifically for the hearing impaired. We’ve compiled a list of 4 free mobile apps available on Android and iOS to make your daily routine easier if you have trouble hearing:

  • The ASL App – The ASL App teaches conversational American Sign Language so it’s great for beginners who want to learn ASL to communicate better with their hearing impaired loved ones. Users love how the app demonstrates the signs in video instead of pictures. Get it on iOS.
  • ntouch – The ntouch app is a Video Relay Service. Basically, it allows you to place a call to someone who is not hearing impaired and use a live interpreter as a bridge of communication. It can be used on a videophone, computer, or mobile device that is connected to a high speed internet connection. Find it on iOS and Android.
  • Gala – If you’re a fan of live shows, cinema, and opera, the Gala App will probably be your new favorite app. It synchronizes with the live show you’re attending and provides subtitles on your mobile device. Get it on iOS or Android.
  • Tunity – The Tunity App was not designed specifically for the hearing impaired; however, it is still beneficial to those who are hard of hearing. The app is perfect for busy airports, the gym, and noisy bars and restaurants. It allows you to connect to live TV streams in public places and hear the audio in your headphones or connected hearing devices. Find it on iOS and Android.

There are tons of other apps out there that you may find helpful in your daily routine for free or low costs. Explore your app store to find those that suit your unique needs. For questions regarding hearing loss and hearing loss solutions, contact New Generation Hearing Centers today.