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Tips To Fix Your Hearing Aids When They Stop Working

2022-10-25T15:52:59+00:0015 August 2022|Audiology, hearing aids, Hearing Aids Miami, New Generation Hearing|

Tips for When Your Hearing Aids Aren’t Working

Hearing aids can be very complicated like every electronical device. They are prone to breaking. 

Why Do Hearing Aids Stop Working?

There are different reasons why it stops working. Here are a few:

  • They are not properly taken care off 
  • Changes in your ear canal 
  • You probably need more than just a hearing aid
  • They were not fit properly by your audiologist 
  • The battery may be dead 
  • Hearing aid may not be loud enough
  • Sounds are distorted or unclear

How Can I Fix Hearing Aids On My Own?

Sometimes you may be able to fix them yourself or if you keep experiencing issues visit your audiologist. Below are some tips for when your hearing aid stops functioning:

  • Always check the battery first- like any electronic device you need to check the charge level and if the battery is malfunctioning it needs to be replaced
  • Clean your hearing aid- since it is in your ear a majority of the time, your hearing aid is susceptible to earwax build up or other debris. It is important to clean it once a week otherwise it will get clogged and not function. 
  • Make sure the hearing aid is not damp- if it has been exposed to an unusual amount of moisture use a drying kit. If you do not have a drying kit or tools leave the hearing aids in rice overnight. 
  • you are experiencing whistling noises or discomfort from your hearing aid- this is most likely caused by an improper fit. Your audiologist can help readjust your hearing aid to properly fit you. 
  • Hearing aid all of a sudden becomes too quiet- may be malfunctioning due to your hearing aid being old and no longer serving its purpose. 

When experiencing problems with your hearing aids your best bet is to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. They will be able to determine the problem better than you trying to fix it yourself.  Call our Miami Hearing Aid experts today, give us a call to find out if your insurance is covered and learn more about what benefits you have covered for hearing aids.