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What to Expect When You Get A Hearing Aid

2022-09-06T17:34:40+00:0024 February 2021|hearing aids, hearing products|

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Congratulations! You’ve taken steps to improve your hearing health by considering hearing aids. But you’re still a little unsure about what to expect from this new addition to your life. First, it is important to understand that hearing loss cannot be cured, however, hearing aids are a top treatment for many types of hearing loss. Hearing aids have been known to improve the overall quality of life for those who use them regularly and properly.



How Do I Get A Hearing Aid?

The first step to improving your hearing health is scheduling a consultation with an audiologist. An audiologist is a medical professional who specializes in hearing loss and balance issues; not to be confused with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist (ENT), which usually performs surgical procedures related to specific medical conditions. When meeting with your audiologist, it is important to be honest about your hearing experiences. You should also be prepared to talk through your lifestyle and everyday needs – this will help the specialist recommend the best type of hearing aid for you. Additionally, your hearing will be tested to determine the type of hearing loss you have and the degree of severity. All of these things are important to helping you get the right hearing aids.


How To Care For And Adjust Your New Hearing Aid

After your consultation and hearing test, your next visit with the audiologist will be to fit, program and adjust your new hearing aids. The specialist will ensure your hearing aids fit comfortably and correctly which is important to how the aids will function for you. Digital hearing aids require programming to ensure sounds, frequencies and other settings are right for your type and degree of hearing loss. The doctor will also explain to you how to work and properly care for your new hearing aids so that you have the best possible hearing experience.

Once you have your new aids, you may need a few days to get adjusted to wearing them. There may be some slight irritations at first as you and your body get used to them, however, it is important to wear them regularly. If for any reason you are still experiencing discomfort with your hearing aids after a few weeks, consult your audiologist immediately.

Your hearing aids will require some maintenance to ensure longevity and the best performance. Keep them clean and dry. If you need further adjustments, speak with your audiologist. You can also expect to need new aids every 5-7 years as your hearing can change over time.

If you have questions about hearing loss or hearing aids, please contact the Miami hearing aid experts at New Generation Hearing Centers today!