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Spotlight: Oticon S Rechargeable Hearing Aids

2019-10-25T21:54:15+00:0025 October 2019|hearing aids, hearing products|

The latest Oticon S Hearing Aids brings a new twist to hearing aids that makes wearing them even more convenient; they now include a rechargeable option, moving away from traditional battery-powered aids which require a full replacement of the batteries in the aids. With the new rechargeable hearing aids all you need to do is plug them into the charger before you go to sleep, and they will last throughout the next day.

The rechargeable option is not the only thing that makes the Oticon S more convenient, it also has the ability to seamlessly connect to your smartphone and other wireless devices. There are multiple accessories that are compatible with the Oticon Hearing Aids. Two popular hearing aid accessories that assist with wireless connectivity are ConnectClip and ConnectLine. With the ConnectClip you can have Bluetooth connectivity, a remote microphone for distant conversation, stream music from any of your smart devices, make hands-free phone calls, and adjust your aids with a remote control. Like the ConnectClip, ConnectLine connects your hearing aid to any of your wireless and Bluetooth devices such as your smart phone, tablet, and TV.

In addition to being Bluetooth-compatible, the Oticon S offers a better understanding of speech, a complete 360 sound experience and eliminates the bothersome whistling noise older hearing aid models produce. Now, for instance, when you attend a family event or an environment of multiple conversations and sounds, you will have less difficulty understanding.

With the holiday season and family gatherings approaching, now is the perfect time to upgrade to the rechargeable Oticon S hearing aids! For a limited time, New Generation Hearing Centers is offering a FREE upgrade to the rechargeable Oticon S hearing aids plus your choice of a FREE ConnectClip or ConnectLine wireless accessory (over $400 value!). Find out if Oticon S hearing aids are right for you and claim this special offer by scheduling your free consultation with New Generation Hearing Centers. Call 305-676-9961.