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How Can Bluetooth Hearing Aids Enhance My Hearing Experience?

2019-06-24T16:41:06+00:001 February 2019|hearing aids, hearing products|

While Bluetooth connectivity is not new to the world of hearing aids, it certainly has evolved since its market debut in 2013. Noticing how today’s society is constantly plugged in through electronics and mobile devices, hearing aid developers began to put more efforts toward improving digital hearing assistive devices. As a result, hearing aid technology now allows a more seamless integration, making the daily lives of those who are hearing impaired a little easier.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and our attachment to them, it is not surprising that hearing aid developers are focusing their attention there. Top hearing aid brands such as Oticon and Phonak, now provide a variety of digital hearing aids that connect to a patient’s mobile phone without the need for any additional device. This means that phone calls, music, video, or other sound notifications on the mobile device stream directly to the hearing aid. Additionally, the user-experience with many of these hearing devices can be improved further by downloading the accompanying mobile applications. For instance, some of those mobile apps include features that allow patients to adjust sound levels, find their hearing aids if lost, alert when the batteries need to be replaced and more.

Aside from seamless connectivity to mobile devices, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can also connect to other devices patients use daily. With assistance from transmitters, new-aged hearing aids can be connected to things such as TVs and landline telephones. While this type of integration is not completely seamless since it requires a third-party device, it is still non-intrusive to the patient, as the patient does not need to wear any additional pieces.

Like all hearing aids provided by New Generation Hearing Centers, Bluetooth-compatible hearing devices are chosen and personalized to fit each patient. If you are in the South Florida area and are ready to upgrade to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, or have been diagnosed with hearing loss and are interested in a different solution, contact New Generation Hearing Centers today for a FREE consultation!