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National Audiology Awareness Month

2020-10-28T20:57:58+00:0028 October 2020|Audiology, hearing education, hearing health|

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October is National Audiology Awareness Month. Each year, the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) promotes the “Ask Me About Audiology” campaign, which focuses on hearing healthcare, the impact of hearing loss and noise exposure, and the profession of Audiology. To celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month, we’ve compiled five of our most frequently asked questions and responses.

    1. What is hearing loss?
      • There are various types of hearing loss that can be caused by different factors such as: aging, noise exposure, injury or damage to parts of the ear, and illness.
    2. Is there a cure for hearing loss?
      • There is no cure for hearing loss. However, with the right treatment, you can enjoy hearing better and improve your overall quality of life.
    3. How can hearing loss affect my life?
      • While hearing loss effects everyone differently, common issues stemming from untreated hearing loss include: social isolation that can lead to mental health problems, lower performance at school or work, and more frequent falls and injuries in elders.
    4. How do I choose a hearing aid?
      • Choosing the right hearing aid starts with a visit to your audiologist to determine what type of hearing loss you have and to what degree. It is also important to discuss your lifestyle and activities that are important to you when considering new hearing aids. For more tips on choosing the best hearing aids, visit our blog.
    5. How much do hearing aids cost?
      • The cost of hearing aids can vary depending on brand and type. Today, digital hearing aids are much more popular because they offer more personalization and helpful features like Bluetooth Hearing aids can cost over $1,000, however your insurance may help offset the cost. New Generation Hearing Centers offers financing because we don’t want costs to be the obstacle between you and the rest of the world.

For more common questions about hearing loss, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our team of hearing loss experts at New Generation Hearing Centers.