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Hearing Aid Features to Help You During a Pandemic

2020-05-29T16:23:09+00:0029 May 2020|hearing aids, hearing health, hearing products|

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There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives. Even as the country begins to reopen, the effects the virus has had on our regular activities will become even more apparent. As you navigate your way back to the closest to normal you can get, you may find yourself looking for new and safer ways to handle everyday things. With technology continuously advancing, there are helpful resources all around you; including your hearing aids. Check your devices for these hearing aid features to help you during the pandemic.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The digital revolution in the hearing aid market brought tons of features to the fingertips of hearing aid users. One of the most useful features of many digital hearing aids is connectivity. Even with states and businesses reopening, many people are still opting to spend more time indoors social distancing. This means more time using other devices and services like smart phones, TVs, and music streaming services. The ability to seamlessly connect your hearing aids to these devices and services is a major convenience not previously offered by hearing aids. So next time you want to binge-watch your favorite TV show or listen to music, stream the sound directly through your hearing aids by connecting via Bluetooth.

Hearing Aid Mobile Apps

It’s clear that while developing digital hearing aids, many hearing aid manufacturers paid attention to technology trends. In today’s world, nearly any task you can think of has a mobile application; Need something delivered, want to be more organized, or connect with family, need to set reminders, etc. – there’s an app for that. And now, hearing aids are just the same.

Top hearing aid manufacturers like Phonak, Oticon, and ReSound have created apps to be used with their digital hearing aid models. While each app is different, some common features include the ability to tune and adjust your hearing aids using your smart phone, assistance locating your hearing aids if misplaced, and providing information about your device and your hearing aid specialist at your fingertips.

Not all hearing aids are compatible with hearing aid manufacturer brand mobile apps; however, there are other hearing aid apps that may be compatible with your devices.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid manufacturers have also released accessories to enhance hearing aid experiences. Though many newer hearing aids are already equipped enhanced listening technology, hearing aid accessories can improve hearing clarity even further. For instance, some hearing aid users experience difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments; with the help of hearing aid accessories like wireless microphones, sounds can be picked up from multiple directions and pushed through to your hearing aid while pointing you in the right direction of each sound. There are various types of hearing aid accessories, and compatibility depends on your devices. Always check with your hearing aid provider to find the best accessories for your hearing loss and devices.

As you navigate the pandemic, remember that the experts at New Generation Hearing Centers are here for you! If you have questions about your hearing aids, their features, and compatible devices, feel free to contact us.