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Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

2020-06-24T16:21:23+00:0024 June 2020|hearing aids, hearing products|

Summer is here! For those who love the great outdoors, summer offers warm weather and sunshine and more time with the family. If you are the adventurous type and want to make the most out of summer plans while dealing with hearing loss, you may want to consider new hearing aids to better fit your active lifestyle.

Choosing the right hearing aid is based on your specific type of hearing loss and the severity; however your lifestyle and personal preferences should be taken into account as well. If being active and outdoors is your style, ask your audiologist about these hearing aids:

One of the major benefits of the Phonak Lyric is it’s size. This hearing aid is 100% invisible and customized to fit snuggly in your ear. If you live an active lifestyle, the Phonak Lyric is a great option because it stays in place no matter how active you are. Unlike other hearing aids, it can be worn 24/7, including during showers or exercise, for several months due to it’s extended battery life and moisture protection.

The last thing you want to worry about while out exploring is your hearing aid battery dying. The ReSound LiNX Quattro is ideal for adventurers because of long lasting rechargeable battery. Recharge your batteries while you sleep and wake up to a full day’s charge that can keep up with you. Additionally, these hearing aids can be paired with a smart phone app that allows you to tune and make quick adjustments to your hearing aids while on the go. You can also save those settings based on your favorite locations. For example, if you frequent a local park, you can save your preferred settings that give you the best sound experience in that area. Every time you revisit the park, your hearing aids will adjust to those settings automatically.

Like the ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids, Oticon OPN S aids are equipped with powerful rechargeable batteries. They are also built to provide a 360° sound experience and technology that prevents whistling noises, making the Oticon OPN S perfect for nature-lovers.

Similar to the Phonak Lyric hearing aid, Phonak’s Naída™ Marvel makes this list for its durability. It is both water and dust resistant, which is perfect for those who engage in outdoor activities such as hiking. It also features hands-free calling so chatting on the go doesn’t slow you down.

These are only a few of the many hearing aid options available today. Hearing aid manufacturers are continuously working to offer more diverse options to make hearing aids more comfortable, convenient and versatile.

If you interested in these hearing aids or exploring other options, feel free to contact us at New Generation Hearing Centers.