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Tips to Help Protect Your Ears on New Years

2021-12-15T16:47:53+00:0015 December 2021|hearing education, hearing health, hearing loss|

Couple watching fireworks

The end of 2021 is quickly approaching, which means celebrations to commemorate the beginning of a new year. New Year’s Eve means large social gatherings, music blaring and firework displays. Both cause loud, overwhelming noises that can damage your ears and cause noise-induced hearing loss. Fireworks produce a sound that is between 150 and 175 decibels. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) adults should not be exposed to decibels above 140 as they damage the ears leading to tinnitus or permanent ear damage. According to audiologists, many patients complain about ringing sensations in their ears after they are exposed to loud noises.

To avoid experiencing hearing loss and to make your New Year’s more enjoyable, here are a few tips to follow to protect your ears.

  • Keep your distance from loud noises. By doing this you are allowing the sounds coming from these noises to put less pressure on your ears. The further away from loud sounds the better your ears will be.
  • Wear ear protection. If you want to be front and center to all the action wear earplugs or any type of ear protection. You can still be social, watch the fireworks, and enjoy the other festivities without exposing your ears to the loud noise.
  • If you have, wear your hearing aids. This is very important for hearing aid wearers. Certain models come with a setting to reduce the noise level and you can select the reduced level you like.
  • Stay as far away from the fireworks as possible. You will still be able to see the fireworks go off, you will just be preventing hearing damage.
  • Take breaks from the festivities. Give your hearing a much-needed rest from the noise. Go to a quieter spot or take a break from the conversation you are in.

If you are experiencing ringing sensations in your ear or if you have any questions regarding hearing loss or hearing aids, contact New Generation Hearing Centers for a free consultation.