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Spring and Hearing Loss

2022-04-21T15:08:30+00:0021 February 2022|hearing aids, hearing health|

Spring and hearing aidsSpring and Hearing Loss

Spring is the air! Which means warmer weather. Changing of the weather and the seasons can wreak havoc on our ears. With any seasonal changes comes allergies which poses dangers to ears. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies a year.

In the spring, the flowers are in full bloom which means pollen which can cause allergies. This builds up mucus and causes sinus pressure. Since the sinus and the ears are connected any sinus pressure affects the ears. The increase of sinus pressure creates middle ear fluid this can affect hearing. So can ear pressure. Ear pressure is any feeling of fullness or stuffiness in the ear. We feel the ear pressure because the middle ear is built up of fluid due to the allergies, or ear barotrauma. This can cause hearing loss since sounds are unable to travel to the inner ear.

If you wear hearing aids, change of weather can be a challenge. For example, Spring is full of hot, humid, and wet weather which causes moisture. Moisture is not good for hearing aids. It is important to keep your hearing aids away from anything with moisture. If your hearing aid is exposed to moisture, it can damage the microphone or make the aid more staticky. Ear wax is more prominent once weather becomes warmer so it is important to clean hearing aids regularly. If not, the ear wax builds up and clogs the opening of the hearing aid where sounds come from. You will be unable to communicate or understand what others are saying.

If you are need of a new hearing aid due to weather change and recently noticed hearing loss due to seasonal allergies, please contact New Generation.