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New 100% Invisible Hearing Aid

2019-07-29T19:57:50+00:0029 October 2018|hearing health, hearing loss, hearing products|

New 100% Invisible Hearing AidWhile hearing loss in among the top 3 most common health problems among older adults in the United States, there are still a number of people who refuse to take advantage of hearing aids. Besides not wanting to acknowledge and accept they are experiencing hearing loss, another common reason people opt out of taking proper care of their hearing loss is the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. Opposers see hearing aids as being a hassle and not visually appealing. The Phonak Lyric Hearing Aids, however, is changing this narrative.

The Lyric, by Phonak, is a 100% invisible hearing aid. It is a miniature aid placed in the ear canal, out of sight to others. Because of its placement in the ear canal, it captures and processes sound within the ear, unlike other hearing aids, which process sound outside of the ear. This gives the wearer a more natural listening experience.

Additionally, Lyric’s placement and design allows you to continue your regular activities such as talking on the phone, listening to headphones and even exercising without interference or discomfort. It differs from other hearing aids on the market in that it can be worn uninterrupted for up to 3 months. So unlike other hearing devices, the Lyric does not have to be removed for battery changes or showers. Instead, it is replaced every few months by an audiologist. While placement and programming must be done by a trained professional, it is not a surgical procedure.

Patients with mild and moderately severe hearing loss are the ideal candidates for Lyric devices. Like other hearing aids provided by New Generation Hearing Centers, the Lyric is  personalized to fit each patient. If you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss and are interested in a different solution, or have questions regarding hearing loss, contact New Generation Hearing Centers today for a FREE consultation. If Lyric is the best option for you, we offer a FREE 30-day trial!