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How to Take Proper Care of Your Hearing Aids

2020-04-20T07:20:40+00:0020 April 2020|hearing aids, hearing health, hearing products|

hearing aid maintenanceA pair of hearing aids can be critically important to your ability to get through daily life. While they may be powerful devices, they require special care to keep working at peak performance.

Caring for your hearing aids is just as important as caring for your own hearing, and there are many steps you can and should take to protect them.


Your hearing aids should be kept away from water as much as possible, as moisture could damage the technology within them. Additionally, high heat or humidity may also compromise their ability to function properly after prolonged exposure. Keeping your hearing aids in a protective case when not in use is a very easy way to ensure that they stay safe and dry.

Additionally, avoid using hair products like hairspray or gel while wearing hearing aids, as contact with these substances may result in damage as well.


Be sure to clean your hearing aids regularly, as instructed by the manufacturer. Keeping dirt, water, and other unwanted materials out of your hearing aid ensures that none of the sensitive technology will become compromised.


Be sure to change the batteries on your hearing aid as soon as they deplete, so that they have no chance to corrode and damage the inside of your aids. Additionally, make sure to always turn off your hearing aids when not using them as this will help the battery last longer, preventing corrosion and helping your aids last longer on the same battery.

While at Home

When spending time at home, you may think that wearing your hearing aids is unnecessary or useless. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Continued proper use of your hearing aids will help slow down and even halt the deterioration of your hearing, and is highly recommended for those who find themselves needing to turn up their TV or radio frequently in order to hear it.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, New Generation Hearing is here for you. Maintaining your hearing aids is very important during these times. If you or a loved one has any questions regarding caring for your hearing aid, or are interested in being tested for hearing loss, feel free to contact us today. Our team of experts is always ready to help you find a solution to your unique hearing loss problem.