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How to Celebrate Older Americans and Better Hearing Month

2019-05-10T20:52:49+00:0010 May 2019|hearing education, hearing health, hearing loss|


You’ve noticed your loved one asking you to repeat yourself multiple times, listening to the TV at a higher volume, and not hearing the phone ring, but haven’t quite figured out how to address the possibility of hearing loss. May is observed as both Better Hearing Month and Older Americans Month, making it the perfect time to celebrate your aging loved ones and have a positive discussion about their health.


This year’s theme for Better Hearing Month is “Communication Across the Lifespan” and is “Connect, Create, Contribute,” for Older Americans Month. In accordance with these themes, use this month to encourage your aging loved ones to engage with their communities while learning and sharing their experiences with younger generations. However, be cognizant that for those suffering from untreated hearing loss, this can be difficult. A survey of 2,300 hearing impaired adults 50 and older conducted by the National Council on the Aging (NCOA) and Market Strategies, Inc., found that those with untreated hearing loss reported depression, anxiety, and paranoia at higher rates than those who wear hearing aids. Additionally, a higher percentage of respondents who wear hearing aids reported engaging in social activities more than those who do not wear hearing aids. This study proves there is a connection between untreated hearing loss and social isolation. While encouraging your loved ones to be more active and social this month, highlighting the effect their hearing can have on their ability to participate in these activities can give them the push they need to take control of their hearing health.

Starting the conversation about hearing loss may be difficult, but it is an important step to a better overall quality of life. Research by Better Hearing Institute revealed that people who use hearing aids feel more confident, optimistic, active and social than those who do not. For tips on getting the conversation started, check out our blog!

After you have had the conversation about hearing loss, continue the celebration of Older Americans Month and Better Hearing Month by accompanying your loved one to their visit with an audiologist to have their hearing evaluated. If you are in the South Florida area contact New Generation Hearing Centers today to schedule a free consultation!