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Why should I get prescription hearing aids over OTC hearing aids?

2023-02-11T23:55:49+00:0022 December 2022|

Prescription Hearing Aids:

  • Medically diagnosed hearing loss
  • Personalized professional fine-tuning and adjustments per feature and frequency
  • Customized and discreet options
  • Professional personalized fitting
  • Unlimited features to maximize hearing success
  • Verification and validation for maximum hearing aid success
  • Professional service, care and regular maintenance


Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids

  • Self-perceived hearing loss
  • Self-adjusted volume, treble and overall sound quality preferences
  • Universal ear tips, sizes XS-L
  • Follow app guidance for devices to be set based on in app hearing profile check
  • Limited features and access to adapt the hearing aids per need
  • Online support materials, including instructional videos
  • Self-cleaning maintenance of device