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Best Hearing Aids of 2023

2023-05-04T13:45:19+00:0010 January 2023|Audiologist in Miami, Hearing Aids in Miami|

In today’s market, there are plenty of hearing aid options to choose from, but choosing a hearing aid is different for every person. It depends on the individual’s type of hearing loss, their budget, personal preference, how their brain processes sound, and their lifestyle. Remember, there is no single best hearing device since not everyone suffers from the same specific type of hearing loss. Before you purchase a hearing aid, remember to consult with an audiologist to see which device works best for you. 


The following are hearing aids that may best fit you:


  • Phonak Cros P
    • transmits voices and sounds from one ear to the other
    • helps individuals with unilateral hearing loss understand clearly and keep up with conversations going on around them
    • two types to choose from: rechargeable and replaceable zinc air battery
    • hands free call with your own voice pickup
    • universal connection to TV, smartphones and Roger microphones


  •     Phonak Naida Paradise 
    • behind the ear hearing aid
    • features include motion sensor hearing, speech enhancer and noise cancellation
    • connects to your iOS or other Bluetooth gadgets
    • hand free calls and ability to change between two active devices
    • with the Phonak app you can personalize the way you hear by fine tuning the sound and creating custom programs that fit you


  • Phonak Audeo Lumity -R
    • built in rechargeable battery
    • mild to profound hearing loss
    • tap control
    • motion sensor hearing
    • connectivity to iOS and android gadgets


  • Oticon-MORE miniRITE
    • rechargeable battery
    • aids the brain’s natural sense of sound
    • improves ability to understand conversation by 30%
    • connects to Bluetooth


  • ReSound-One
    • automatically adjusts the microphone patterns to help people converse with others and sounds that surround them throughout the day
    • receiver and microphone positioned in the ear
    • thin and comfortable
    • programmed for the shape of your ear for a natural sound
    • ultra focus for one on one hearing ability


If you are contemplating getting a hearing aid, let us help. At New Generation Hearing, we have various options of  Hearing Aids in Miami to choose from. Contact us, an Audiologist in Miami, for a free consultation today and see if you are eligible for insurance coverage!