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Tips for the Hearing Impaired Throughout the Holidays

2022-12-06T21:11:53+00:005 December 2022|Audiologist in Miami, Hearing Aids in Miami|

The holidays are the most amazing time of year, filled with family and friends, and relishing the quality time you have with them. Unfortunately, for those going through hearing loss, it can be rather difficult. The following tips can help the hearing impaired celebrate the holidays without any problems.


  •   Reduce background noise
    •     Lower the volume of the TV and music
    •     Reduce any unnecessary noise
    •     If you know there will be a lot of noise, find a quiet area


  •   Hearing aids
    •     Check that your hearing aids are working
    •     Make sure your hearing aid is fully charged before any events/gatherings
    •   Carry extra batteries with you in case of emergency
    •     Clean your aids to avoid any clogging


  •   Location, location, location
    •     Find a quiet room in the house
    •     Position yourself in a comfortable listening environment
    •     Avoid rooms where you hear the vibrations of voices


  •   Position yourself for best hearing
    •     Sit at a round table, this will help with understanding conversations
    •     Position yourself closer to people when speaking; talking face to face is best for conversations
    •     Find a spot to rest that allows you to notice visual cues better


  •       Visit your audiologist
    •     Be proactive, allow yourself time to fix any problems with your hearing aids. You may not be able to get an appointment before the holidays begin, do not wait to book the consultation immediately.
    •     If you have never purchased hearing aids before it is important to recognize it takes time to have them fitted and ordered, give yourself time to accomplish this
    •     Talk to your audiologist about listening devices that can assist you, such as remote microphones


If you are contemplating getting a hearing aid, let us help. At New Generation Hearing, we have various options of  Hearing Aids in Miami to choose from. Contact us, an Audiologist in Miami, for a free consultation today and see if you are eligible for insurance coverage!